Mark RyanDirector of Business Development

    Mark Ryan contributes to the development of business opportunities and strategic relationships to enhance Ranger’s market position and supply chain stability, and to advance our domestic and international market objectives. He has a diversified management background including nearly twenty years of business consulting, business development, and investor relations experience.

    Prior to Ranger, Mr. Ryan formulated Clearview Mortgage Group a small national mortgage bank headquartered in Fort Worth and regulated by the Federal Reserve in Dallas.  During his tenure as President of the bank, Clearview originated, processed, closed, funded, managed, and packaged a variety of Fannie-Mae, Freddie-Mac, FHA and VA loan products.

    Mr. Ryan’s entrepreneurship began almost immediately after graduation from college. He started a small, but very profitable, mattress and bedding company in St. Louis and expanded the operation to Chicago where he grew sales to $2.5 million with gross margins in excess of 50% with only four employees.

    He maintains an extensive rolodex of people of value to the enterprise; served as a Co-chair and fundraiser for the 2004 George W. Bush Presidential Campaign in Texas; and has extensive cross cultural exposure and international travel experience. He lived in Japan as a student for nearly a year and is fluent in the Japanese language.

    Mr. Ryan received his B.A. in the Japanese language and Political Science in 1995 from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.