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Ranger Scientific will market a range of reasonably priced brands, each of which will have the distinction of being the best value from the manufacturer of the world’s most accurate rifle ammunition.

Ranger’s “Olympus Mountain” facility will be located on approximately 1,000 acres situated near the Quincy area of Kanawha County West Virginia. The Ranger Scientific Industrial Campus will initially consist of a 150,000 square foot small arms ammunition manufacturing complex incorporating automated chemical and material fabrication units, assembly, packaging, and product distribution systems.

A wide variety of projectiles (bullets) will be available in each caliber and load.

Facility Launch: Production is estimated to commence in 2018.

Our Products

Initial Mix

Ranger will initially produce .223/.556 to .338 Lapua rifle ammunition. These rounds represent the highest profit margins and greatest customer demand. A wide variety of projectiles (bullets) will be made available in each caliber and load, initially from Sierra and Lapua.

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